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Thank you for your interest!

It’s flattering to know you’d like to see more of me or want to own something I’ve created for your private collection. I’m excited to offer a variety of things for your perusal.

Keep in mind that my rates reflect the time I currently have available for these exploits – they may change depending on my availability. I understand my rates are currently high. Keep your eye out for other options that arise in the future!

After you’re done looking through these tables, make sure you check out the FAQ below!

xo Liara

Media Comissions

Created for you, according to your interests!
Additional rates at bottom apply to commissions.
Digital Photos
Film Photos
3 images, 1 for you to select and keep$250
10 images, 2 for you to select and keep$500
Each additional selection$100
Amateur Video
5 minutes$500
10 minutes$750
15 minutes$1000
Professional Video
5 minutes$1500
10 minutes$3000
15 minutes$4500
30 minutes$8000
Audio Recording
5 minutes$500
10 minutes$750
15 minutes$1000
Explicit50% Additional
Sexual50% Additional
Private Collection100% Additional


Available for your purchase!
Pictures and descriptions coming soon.
Existing Media
50% of the price in the commissions table. Ask me about what I've got!
Snapchat AccessAs a thank you for wishlist purchases, or to existing clients. See FAQ for rules.
PolaroidsEnquire about the image you're interested in.
Signed Artist PrintsEnquire about the image you're interested in.
Unlimited Edition PrintsEnquire about the image you're interested in.
Original Film Negatives$5000, depending on shoot. Enquire for more details.
Photo BooksComing soon!
$150, you supply the pair.
Used LingerieBy piece - enquire! Some of the pieces worn in my shoots are available.
3D Printed Figurine
Extra Large$1500
Skype Sessions
Up to 1 hour$500
Up to 2 hours$900
Up to 4 hours$1800


What is the process for commissioning or purchasing something on this page?
Start by sending me an email at Let me know what you’re interested in and I’ll confirm the price. We’ll also talk about when it can be completed or sent out by – I’m constantly on tour so my availability is very limited.

How do I pay you?
There are a few options and we’ll discuss this once we’re done with the other details. Payment is always in advance.

Do you require any information from me?
I screen heavily for my in person engagements. I also require some details for certain kinds of commissions and purchases – I need to make sure that my content will be treated with respect.

Can I post something I bought from you online or share it with others?
The default answer is “no.” The more complex answer is “ask – and it will possibly cost money.” By no means is anything on this page available for reposting for other websites. If you want to watch it in your room with your romantic partner, that’s totally kosher.

What happens if I share it without asking?
I’ll issue a takedown request, it will be removed, and you will be blacklisted. Many websites are currently taking this very seriously after recent “revenge porn” litigation. Be polite!

Will you share my commission with others?
Unless you pay the additional rates to have something unique for your private collection, I may decide to resell anything that has been commissioned. This may be individually to people who enquire about them or via a store or subscription service in the future. For photoshoots, if I like how they came out, I may end up making a selection of the images available on my standard website galleries or social media.

Your commission allows you to direct a shoot according to your interests! If you also want to own the rights to the usage of the shoot, that’s separate.

I’d love to see more of a certain thing I’m interested in. Is there another way to get more photos or videos of you?
There’s a thread on reddit where I do pay attention to comments, but that’s mostly just for fun. I’ll post more images of various sorts when I feel like it! Sometimes a shoot that includes me will be available for purchase via another persons store, so you can keep your eye out for that as well. You could try contacting people or companies you’d like me to work with and telling them to get in touch with me.

Finally, I offer photography and video during my escorting engagements and you can find out more information about that on my Engagements page.

How did you decide on your prices?
I’m currently occupied touring internationally as an escort, my preferred pastime. You can see the rates I charge for my time on my Engagements page. Creating custom media is time spent not on tour. I’m making this menu available as a resource to help with the many requests I’ve started getting and the prices currently reflect the amount of time I have available to create custom media.

What does Nudity, Explicit, and Sexual mean? How do those prices work and stack?
Nudity refers to showing my body as I do in the photos publicly available in my galleries on my site. Some people would refer to this as very softcore. Explicit is also softcore, but if you’d like to see genitalia close up, spread, or with any sort of implication of sex – that would be explicit. That also includes BDSM costumes, themes, dirty talking and so on. Finally, sexual content refers to actual sex acts including masturbation.

Nudity is always assumed, but if you want explicit content with actual sex acts, those stack. So it would be an additional 50% of the fee. For a $500 amateur video of a sexual act, that would be $250 and $250 for a total of $1000. If you also wanted this video to be for your private collection only, that would then be $1500 total.

If you’re not sure of something, just describe what you want and I’ll let you know.

These prices are for you, I assume – but what if I want a video of you with another person?
I don’t have a separate charge for other people, but they will have their own costs. You can contact them directly, but if you need me to hire someone to model in a video for us (like an anonymous performer for a POV oral scene) let me know and I can reach out and find out costs.

I do only shoot with professionals – so a second person (or more than one person!) will always need to be compensated.

If you want to be that second person yourself, refer to the photo/video rates on my Engagements page.

How do your digital, film and polaroid photo commissions work?
We’ll talk some about what you’re looking for and confirm the price according to my commission table. I’ll also give you an estimate for when your commission will be delivered. Once your payment is taken care of, I’ll shoot the photos! You’ll get high resolution JPGs for your shoot. They’ll be above HD quality but below the resolution needed for a large wall print – large fine art physical prints are available separately.

There is some variety by photographer I work with, but generally the film shoots are also delivered fairly high resolution. My film is usually shot medium format. Basically, I guarantee all shoots will be delivered to you digitally in as high resolution and better compression quality than the images available when you click through to the HD downloads on my website.

If you want print resolution images for digital, or would like to buy fine art prints or original negatives for film, those options are available separately after your JPGs have been delivered.

As for polaroids, they are Instax Mini size – 62 x 46mm. I’ll shoot either 3 or 10 images and will send you a picture of all of them to pick from. Once you make your picks, I’ll mail you out your selection! You can make the initial payment for the shoot and initial picks first, and then make additional payments if you decide you want more after I take the pictures. The leftovers may eventually be available at my store – though the price will start at $150 then instead of $100.

I’ll sign or write a little note on your polaroid, if you’d like!

How do I get your snapchat and what are your snapchat rules?
My snapchat was created as a way to say thank you when I get a gift or as a little something special for my friends that I meet in person. As such, I make no guarantees about the content or frequency though I like to post as much as I can. If you’re interested in it, you can find my wishlists on my Spoil Me page – make sure to email me about your gift in case it gets lost in the mail or your note is misplaced!

I don’t allow screenshots or incoming messages from followers. Please send me an email if you need to reach me. The first time a rule is broken, I’ll have to remove you but you’ll be able to buy me another gift to get back in my good graces. The second time removal will be permanent.


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