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Rates (USD)

For when I’m touring your city

Two Hours                     $1800

Four Hours                    $2600

Six Hours                        $3400

Eight Hours                    $4200

Sixteen Hours               $6000

Twenty-four Hours      $7000

Forty-eight Hours      $10000

Enquire for longer engagements

Fly Me to You

For travel within North America

Two Hours                     $2800

Four Hours                    $3600

Six Hours                        $4400

Eight Hours                    $5200

Sixteen Hours               $7000

Twenty-four Hours      $8000

Forty-eight Hours      $12000

Enquire for international travel

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I’m excited to see you!

I’d love to join you at one of the many upscale restaurants or hotels of whichever city we both happen to be in. Perhaps you’d like to join me on an art gallery tour or attend a social soiree.

We’ll have an enchanting time together, whether it be an afternoon tryst or a full and indulgent day. I have a wardrobe for every occasion, a lust for knowledge and culture, and have a collection of toys that I love to use – please let me know if you’d like me to bring any of them along!

Additions and Overnights

If a ménage à trois appeals, I have many lovely ladies who would be eager to join us. My gentlemen friends prefer that I meet you first, as their discretion is quite important to them. I do not charge an extra fee when you add another provider (or many!) to our session. I love it!

I also thoroughly enjoy entertaining couples. As a consideration for my time in screening and planning for an additional person please add $100 per hour to my rates for couples.

If you would like to record photographs or videos during out engagement for your private collection, please add $250 an hour for photography or $500 an hour for photography and video. The rate applies to the entire session and I ask that you notify me in advance. I also ask that you allow me to have a copy of anything created for my personal private collection.

I’m very happy to see regular clients overnight, under my existing time based rate structure. Just remember that I will require a good night’s sleep under any circumstance! Please make sure we have a reasonable setting for getting rest – not too hot, a king size bed – and set your expectations appropriately. Be a polite and considerate bedmate! I love to cuddle and have fun at night and morning, but may need to stretch out and have some room to breathe as we drift off.

Normally, I see clients between 11am and 11pm unless it’s part of an overnight or longer trip. Fly Me To You dates are more flexible.

Liara Roux: Sheer Luminescence - 8Travel

I am constantly traveling and I do not have different policies or rates for any of the cities I am available in. You can see my availability for upcoming visits in the calendar below.

For travel to meet you, please see the Fly Me To You rates available during the periods listed on my calendar. Fly Me To You rates are inclusive of my traveling expenses, but do not include lodging.

I’d also be delighted to travel with you. I do require that I’ve already seen you and that I book my tickets myself. Inquire with specifics about where you’d like to go and for how long.

Booking and Screening

I receive an extremely high volume of interest. For that reason I only communicate via email and I prioritize longer engagements. When booking, I require at least 24 hours notice for existing clients and at least 3 days notice for new clients. I often have set my schedule at least a week in advance and start booking tours two months in advance.

I do have a two hour minimum. For your ease of planning, any time periods not listed between 2 hours and 48 hours will be calculated at the next time period’s rate. My rates are in USD.

In order to ensure I can see you, please include your screening information up front and plan ahead! If you would like to meet me for the first time at your home or on a Fly Me To You trip, I will need at least two references from other providers.


All appointments require a small nonrefundable deposit when scheduling. This is $200 for a 2 hour appointment and $400 for a four hour appointment.

For engagements over four hours, or with special requests or travel, I may require a deposit of 50%. For outcalls outside of a standard distance, a travel based fee from $100-$400 will be added to the deposit.

The preferred method for the deposit requires an American credit card. For larger deposits, I have FedEx instructions for sending cash.

I do not accept deposits in advance of final scheduling. Deposits are only to be made at the confirming of a time, since they are intimately related to both of us taking that confirmed time seriously.

Rescheduling requires a new deposit.

Credit Cards

I do take credit cards for appointments, but only through Bitcoin. You will have to research and purchase the Bitcoin first and then send it to me. Due to the hassle, I generally only accept this as a non-refundable full payment in advance.

I do have a secondary credit card option, which is much easier, but it is only for clients who are are already well known regulars – this is an unfortunate result of people being unscrupulous with charge-backs in the past. I still require this payment far enough in advance for it to safely clear.

Obviously, other methods are preferred for anything besides the standard deposit, which will usually be a small credit card charge.

If you cancel our date within 36 hours I may request a cancellation fee of 50%.

If you allow our date to pass without contacting me, or cancel with short notice (less than 24 hours when on tour), I ask that you pay the full amount.

Be considerate of time zones – if you send me an email cancelling when I couldn’t possibly read it (say at 3 or 6am), I will have to consider the cancellation as taking place at the next reasonable hour. Please be polite and avoid blacklisting.

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Ready to schedule? I’m ready for you!


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