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Hello, I’m Liara Roux.


Reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes to indulge in; I’ve read a book from nearly every genre, from postmodern memoirs to swashbuckling sci fi space operas. My love of language extends beyond English, as I’ve studied Spanish, French, and Chinese. If you enjoy wordplay, you’ll find a playmate in me.

If you wish to impress me, a longer date at a museum of art rarely fails. I love to be surrounded by beauty. I dabble, as they say, in oil painting and portraits are my favorite. If you’d ever like me to bring along paint and canvas, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Many don’t realize how rewarding it is to learn and grow with another person; if you’ve read this page, I know that you know the value of building an emotional and intimate connection. Join me as we share a remarkable experience together, one that will only build in depth as time goes on.

Want to get to know me even better?
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What is proper etiquette when meeting you?
To really make me happy, start our relationship by including your full name, phone number, place of employment (a LinkedIn link works fine), and any references or website memberships in your first email. You will also want to include any aliases or names you use for meeting other providers. If you also provide me with the time, date, and location you’d like to meet, even better!

Clear communication in introductory emails allows us to move quickly past the formalities.

If it’s an outcall, please leave my fee and your photo ID on the bathroom sink. If it’s an incall, please leave my fee and your photo ID clearly in view before excusing yourself to the bathroom to shower. At dinner or a public venue, I suggest the gift of a book with an envelope inside it enclosing my fee. I may excuse myself to the bathroom to confirm it.

If I do not receive my payment in the beginning of our meeting, or you attempt to discuss the payment, I may leave without further explanation, and that’s no fun for either of us!

How will we communicate?
I only communicate using email and prefer to keep our communication primarily to scheduling. I like to focus my time on making in-person experiences as wonderful as possible.

If you’ve found me through another site, emailing me will result in a quicker response than messaging any other profile. Email keeps me organized and I’m very quick at responding. If you’d like to know more about me, I keep a blog, instagram, and twitter that you are welcome to follow!

I’ve never done this before and I don’t have any references. Can I still see you?
I am quite newbie friendly; there is something very enjoyable about meeting someone who is full of anticipation for their first time. If you’re feeling nervous, I typically recommend a four hour dinner date, so that we have plenty of time to get to know each other without too much pressure.

Do you see women and couples?
I love seeing both women and couples. I thoroughly enjoy another woman’s company! For couples, there is an additional $200 fee per hour. It is very important to me that both people are eager to see me, so it’s nice to hear from both people in our initial communication. I want to make sure our time spent together is enjoyable for everyone involved.

Will you visit my home?
It would be my pleasure to entertain you at your home. If it’s your first encounter with me, I may ask for additional screening to ensure my safety.

Will my forum name or P411 ID count as screening?
It would be much simpler for me to only require a P411 Okay’s or forum names or whitelists for my screening. For my safety, however, I must firmly request that I have your full name and phone number so I can screen you thoroughly. I will treat you and your information with the utmost respect and discretion.

That being said, supplying me with your P411, TER, or other IDs in addition to the required information will help me screen you quicker and I love seeing people who are well supported by a community of providers.

I do not want to offend you – what is proper etiquette?
If you’re asking this question, chances are you wouldn’t offend me anyway! That being said, let me share with you what makes my life a little more easy and pleasurable.

Sending all your screening information in the first email is absolutely lovely. Providing your full name and phone number and either two references or your employment information allows me to confirm our meeting much more quickly! Don’t ask me anything relating to illegal activity. Be polite!

Are you kinky?
The majority of my encounters are not especially kinky in nature. Above all else, I seek to create an open minded and safe environment wherein people’s fantasies are fulfilled. I am not a submissive, but I truly enjoy being a service top and dominating those who crave it.

As a Domme, I am caring and sweet, extremely tuned in to your desires. My goal in each session is to ensure that your physical and emotional pleasure is complete. Feel free to contact me asking if you’d like me to bring any specific toys or outfits and we can discuss the specifics of your fantasy in person!

Do you allow reviews?
I don’t participate in review board culture, to protect the privacy of both of us, among other reasons.

Are monthly arrangements available?
Monthly arrangements are only available if I have already seen you for some time on a regular basis. I think it’s silly to commit to something long term without first knowing if we are compatible! That being said, such arrangements are a definite possibility.

Do you smoke?
I don’t smoke cigarettes, in fact, I am allergic to them! Please avoid cigarettes before our appointment, as kissing you may provoke an allergic reaction in me.

What would you like to drink?
A bottle of water is always a pleasant surprise. I tend to fall asleep if I drink anything alcoholic, but if you’d like to have a drink, that’s fine by me. If you’d like to impress me, instead of bringing a bottle of wine, offer me a slice of chocolate cake!

May I give you a gift?
I enjoy receiving gifts, especially when I can tell a great deal of thought went into them. I really love sweet treats, like chocolate, fruit, or pastries!

If you are buying clothing for me, I suggest buying the smallest size available. My bra size is 28DD, but if that is not available, size 30D or 32C will work as a substitution. My feet are size 5. If you’d love to see me in a particular costume (even if it seems nerdy!) that’s something I’d be happy to participate in – but you’ll want to confirm that anything you bring to a session fits my unique body and has tags attached.

For your convenience, I also have a wishlist on Delivery Code and Amazon.

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