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à la carte

for a date in the Continental US

One Hour                             $2,000 USD

Two Hours                          $2,500 USD

Four Hours                          $4,000 USD

Six Hours                             $5,000 USD

Overnight                           $10,000 USD

Enquire for longer engagements or international travel.

monthly arrangements

for a more personal experience

One month       starting at $35,000

One year          starting at $100,000

Enquire for further details.

I’m excited to see you!

New York City is my home, and I can be found there while I’m not traveling or on an extended stay in another city. I am happy to meet you just about anywhere; I love any opportunity to visit a place, familiar or not.

If you’ve looked into me before, you may see that my rate structure has changed. While I adore my work, I have other commitments that constrain my time. For this reason, I am prioritizing longer engagements and long term arrangements. For my close friends, I am able to arrange last minute encounters with my ease, but for those I have not met yet, I encourage prebooking if you have a specific date in mind.

I put a great deal of time and energy into each encounter. As a private person, I prefer building long term connections. Most of my dearest confidants have been seeing me for years now. I am quite selective with whom I spend my time with.


My standard rate includes travel within the continental United States, simply because I adore traveling. If your request involves travel on my part and is extremely last minute or during a busy period, I may request an additional convenience fee. Please take a look at my calendar to get an idea of where I may be. For clients I have been seeing for some time or for those in a long term arrangement, I will be able provide additional flexibility in scheduling.

I adore traveling together. There’s something so charming about discovering a new city together. One of my favorite parts of traveling is planning; if you’d like, I can take care of hotel and restaurant research. Think of me as your little concierge… 😉

Booking and Screening

For screening, I require your full name, cell phone number, and either two provider references or workplace information like a LinkedIn link. My lovely assistant Sandi will walk you through the process.

I receive an extremely high volume of interest. For that reason I have an assistant who deals with most of my emails for me. While I would love to have the time to get back to each and every request personally, I prefer to save that energy during our time together, so that I am not constantly checking my phone.

When booking, I usually require at least 24 hours notice for existing clients and at least 3 days notice for new clients. I often have set my schedule a week in advance.


A 50% deposit is usually required. I do not accept cash deposits. If necessary, my assistant will walk you through discreet options. Deposits (or full payments online) will be charged a processing fee.

I do not accept deposits in advance of final scheduling. Deposits are only to be made at the confirming of a time.

Rescheduling requires a new deposit.

Payment Methods

I accept credit cards, debit cards, bitcoin, bank transfer, and cash.

When paying in bitcoin, you will have to research and purchase the Bitcoin first and then send it to me. Due to the hassle, I generally only accept this as a non-refundable full payment in advance.

If you allow our date to pass without contacting me, or cancel with short notice (less than 24 hours), I ask that you pay the full amount.

Be considerate of time zones – if you send me an email cancelling when I couldn’t possibly read it (say at 3 or 6am), I will have to consider the cancellation as taking place at the next reasonable hour. Please be polite and avoid blacklisting.

Ready to schedule? I’m ready for you!

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