WH*RE Perfume

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**Only 100 50ml bottles will be available in this limited edition run.**

Samples can be purchased at Marissa Zappas! 

You’re freshly fucked, hair a mess, stockings falling down your legs. But the smell is the best part; you smell like sex and sweat and his cologne, lipstick and condoms and just a touch of your “classy” perfume lingering.

WH*RE… for whenever you feel expensive.



Top: bergamot, lemon

Mid: cherry, rose de mai, orris, tonka

Base: castoreum, leather, benzoin, sandalwood



“It’s my second time wearing WH*RE and I’m getting hits of vintage nostalgia — notes of 1970s cosmetics that make me think of Blue Money, of Janet Capron hustling out of a women-run luxury apartment littered with plates of cocaine and views of the east river.” - Taylore Scarabelli

"Some thoughts on WH*REFirst notes I notice are cherry, very bright, almost reminds of pop rocks, there's a fizzy energy to it.  Next, is a paper note, leather bound book smell, the latex comes in. The perfume goes from being very youthful to scholarly. Next up is a woody aura, maybe a bit of hay, it might be the sandalwood. Castoreum adds a big dose of sex appeal!  It finished with bergamot for me, like a cup of tea in a rose filled parlor. So beautiful! This perfume really evokes a whole world when you smell it." - Annabel Gat

 “This thing smells like cherry, tonka bean, leather, and I don’t know how, but they actually got a note of reverse cowgirl in there.” - Melissa Nacional

The Perfumer

Marissa Zappas trained for years in the esoteric world of perfumery and has recently stepped out and started her own brand. She takes an anthropological approach to her work, crafting dreamy scentscapes of historical women, tarot cards, and even aquatic fantasties - one of her more notorious scents is famously called Octopussy. She teamed up with Liara Roux to create a scent that captures all the sex and fun of being a whore in New York.