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Gifts are very much appreciated! If you’d like to brighten my day with a sweet surprise, then read on!


I love chocolate flavored goodies best – my tastes swing towards milk as opposed to dark. If you’ve been traveling recently and have a rare little treat for me, I adore trying new things as well!


I’ve made up a list of pretty little things on Delivery Code, if you’d like to buy me something there or get a sense for my taste, if you prefer to purchase something unique. I happily accept gift cards to Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Journelle, and Agent Provocateur, as well as whatever store you think I’ll like!

Liara Roux - Big Comics!Geekery

I’m a huge fan of comics, sci fi, circuit building, video games, and other assorted nerdy stuff. If you’d like to support my geeky habits or introduce me to a new one, I will never say no!

I have a special Amazon wishlists for comics and video games as well. If there’s an item on one of these wishlist that isn’t available directly from Amazon anymore, you can get me a giftcard and direct me towards which one to purchase – some of them are rare and only available from select sellers!


Bringing my fee inside a book is a great way to be discreet, give me an interesting gift, and tell me a bit about yourself. Please only give me small books on trips and order large ones on my Amazon wishlist! I’m small myself and can’t carry many comics or Taschen hardcovers.


I love weird gadgets, mind-bending books, and cute doodads. I’ve loaded up my Amazon wishlist with plenty of options; feel free to surprise me as well!

If you are the sort who prefers to send pocket money or wants me to spoil myself, you may use Gift Rocket to show appreciation directly.


One great way to spoil me rotten – and allow me to spoil you – is to have me accompany you on a decadent vacation!

Contact me about scheduling a traveling engagement.

Liara Roux - A Decadent Getaway

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