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Thoughtful and observant gifts impress me more than anything else. I appreciate gifts that add joy and ease to my life, things I can use in the every day that remind me of the gift giver.

I love shopping with my clients and this is my preferred way to receive gifts. How lovely to pick something out together! If you’d like to spoil me before meeting, or if you’d like to surprise me, this list will help guide you in the right direction.


I drink tea every day; it’s a ritual that centers and grounds me. Gift cards to my favorite tea shops Song Tea, Tea Dealers, and Ippodo are always very much appreciated. If you have a favorite tea you’d like to introduce me to, I’d love that as well.

I’m still chasing a divine pu’erh I had in Hong Kong ages ago and forgot to ask the name of.


I love subtle and interesting designs. My preferred metals are yellow gold and platinum, and my favorite stones are opal, peridot, and diamond; I always value the quality of stone and cut over size.

My favorite jewelry designer is Mociun.


Bringing my fee inside a book is a great way to be discreet when we are meeting in public. I love and collect rare art books and I adore being gifted someones favorite book.


If you’d like to indulge me in some online shopping, I will absolutely find a way. to make use of  a  Net-a-porter gift card.


Rosamosario is currently my favorite lingerie obsession!


Should you have a pied-a-terre or vacation home somewhere gorgeous and wouldn’t mind me borrowing it for a week (or a month!) I am usually always interested. I spend a great deal of time writing and I always find a little trip helps me get into the write mindset.

Of course, I am always delighted to join you on a jaunt somewhere around the world; I always have a passport and suitcase ready to go. Just say the word.

Contact me about scheduling a traveling engagement.

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